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Welcome to Autism Triage Scotland.

Autism Triage Scotland

Autism Triage Scotland

A new style of approach in guiding and caring for families who care for a loved with an Autism Spectrum Disorder regardless of their age/location/range of ability.

There is an abundance of help, support, opportunities and resource available to your family. All of which fall within the four main areas identified as core family values:

*Health & Wellbeing
*Education, Training & Employment
*Sport & Recreational Activities
*Finance, Welfare Rights, Grant & Funding opportunities.

The aim of Autism Triage Scotland is to ensure all families across Scotland, are given a clear and concise pathway to finding the suitable support as and when required whilst ensuring they receive optimum guidance and care from statutory and non-statutory services.

Our Aims:

  • To ensure there is a clear and concise pathway to accessing support from both the  statutory and non-statutory services available in each Local Authority.  

  • To remain open, transparent and independent at all times.

  • To act as a platform where ASD specific information is consolidated, referenced and managed  under the one umbrella for  the Autism Community in Scotland to access.

Our Objectives:

“To guide, to promote and sustain empowerment,  offer choice and access to consistent regularly updated information relevant and  unique to your role within the Autism Community in Scotland.”  

For more information, you can check the Autism Triage Scotland – Facebook and you can also discuss and interact with others in our ATS – Forum


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