About Us


Surfing round the internet one night in search of some information I was finding conflicting opinions and advice and all I wanted to know was how people dealt with things and how things affected them because there is nothing like a shared experience to make you realise that, not only are you not alone, but also that different things work for different people.

Out of these ongoing searches the idea for Educating Lifestyle came to me. I wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone, written by everyone and involving everyone – a real way to share knowledge and experience.

I had space on my hosting package so bought the domain ‘Educating Lifestyle’ and here we are. It really is a place for sharing, explaining, creating, finding out and discovering what other people are making of the world. Its success will be YOU, sharing the things that you know about, care about, have experience of. It could be places you have visited, a cause you are passionate about, some fitness or nutritional information that you want others to discover and try. It could be a way you live your life, a belief you hold – whatever it is I want you to share it here and to help educate others.

I am hands on and you will be seeing regular articles from me as well as connecting with me in the FORUM – check it out and get involved.

To contact me please complete the form on the CONTACTS page or email info@educatinglifestyle.com