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When you have the need for a product you want to be able to go out and buy it right? Well when Neil Whyte, your average 21st century guy reached his thirties and noticing the toll his lifestyle was having on his skin he had high demands. He wanted a moisturiser, specifically for men’s skin; something that was hydrating, lightweight and did the job. In addition he wanted something that was paraben and SLS free and not tested on animals.  When he couldn’t find what he wanted already available he set out to create the perfect moisturiser for men’s skin. Educating Lifestyle wanted to know how he made that happen. 

Neil Whyte

Neil Whyte

EL: You have developed produced and marketed your own brand of moisturiser for men. How did that come about?

NW: I started working on moosk for men a few years ago. I’ve always been a no fuss kind of guy when it comes to my skin, I never had a daily skincare regime; I showered, shaved and was out the door. Hitting my thirties however, I started noticing changes in my skin. There were little lines appearing here and there,it was looking more dehydrated, tired. I realised I had to start taking more care of my skin. Over recent years, it emerged that the skin care products
on our shelves contained potentially harmful and toxic ingredients. Even those which claimed to be natural, looking passed the clever wording and marketing, weren’t in fact natural at all with close inspection of their ingredients. I wanted to put something on my skin that was going to help and improve it, not be detrimental to it. And so I set out to create my own moisturiser.

EL: Were ingredients important to you?

NW: Ingredients were the most important aspect for me. I wanted to create a product I had confidence in, with ingredients which were not only natural but were animal friendly and beneficial to men’s skin

EL: You advertise the product as being ideal for men’s skin. What are the things that are needed for men’s skin particularly?

NW: Like myself, I think the majority of men don’t like to feel a product on their skin, they want it to disappear and work it’s magic in the background while they get on with their every day activities. So the most important thing for me was creating a moisturiser that wasn’t too obvious or too heavy on the skin, it had to be subtle, lightweight yet ultra nourishing, which I believe I achieved with Moosk for Men.

EL: The name is very catchy ‘moosk for men’ sounds familiar even though its new, did it take a while to come up with a name that felt that it matched the product?

NW: The brand name did take a while for me. I was actually lying on a beach staring out to sea when the name came into my head. It was a eureka moment for me. It was a little unusual but I had good feedback about it, so I stuck with it.

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EL: More men understand the need for hydrating and treating their skin, what are the best ways to use Moosk for Men?

NW: The recommended use for my product is twice a day. I normally use it when getting ready for work, after washing my face or shaving and then again at night, after I’ve washed the daily grime off my face. Apply with clean hands on to a clean face.

EL: You emphasise that you use natural ingredients and there is a move within the industry for such products. Was it important that there were no artificial additives or preservatives used in the moisturiser?

NW: I didn’t want my product to contain any harsh chemicals. What’s the point of putting a product on your skin which contains ingredients which can in fact damage your skin, it makes no sense

EL: Are there any plans to develop other products in the range?

NW: I’m in the process of extending the range so stay tuned.

EL: Where can you buy Moosk for Men?  

NW: The product is available online at www.mooskformen.com

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moosk for men

moosk for men



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